Cultivating Humanism II:
A symposium on Medicine
and the Arts

Harvard Medical School


The Committee for the Arts & Humanities@HMS would like to thank
everyone on the faculty for sharing their invaluable wisdom. 


The Ackerman Program on Medicine and Culture, Harvard University, special thanks to Dr. David Jones and Mary Louise Corradino

American Repertory Theater, special thanks to Ryan McKittrick and Julia Smeliansky

Arnold P. Gold Foundation

Francis Weld Peabody Society, Harvard Medical School, special thanks to Dr. Ron Arky and Lisa Derendorf

Harvard Art Museums, special thanks to Sanja Cvjeticanin, Jessica Martinez, Judy Murray, and Corinne Zimmerman 

River Charles Ensemble

Carol Benoit, Judy Chin, Babita Kuruvilla, and Matthew Sandler

Thanks to our participants. It is our hope that you will continue to make new connections and keep in touch.
We are part of a growing community of medical professionals in the arts. Spread the word!

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